Inguss The Crazy Wrap Guy

Hey, My name is Inguss and I’m from Latvia.

I have always owned my own business but never really found the kind of profession that would give me quality of life and financial freedom that I was looking for. THEN I found “It Works”. This company is absolutely amazing, we have a line of products that will COMPLETELY change your life and the business opportunity is exciting, fun and rewarding.

I didn’t have much weight to lose myself but definitely wanted to experience the products before I told everyone about them, I lost 24 pounds and nearly 5 inches off my waist.

Bottom line world, I have made the best financial decision of my life to join It Works! Global in 2010. I started crushing on this Crazy Wrap Thing in December of 2010 Once that happened, I was able to sell my traditional business and go all IN!! All from a silly crazy wrap, that...Well, works! Check it out, I am so very thankful that I did!!

Please look around my website and call me or text me +1 213-327-8345, I would love to talk to you. Thanks for visiting. 

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